Tween Girls in 2020: One girl’s persective



The movie Cuties has caused quite the outrage among my circle of friends. I dug deeper into the intent of the movie and realized there is confusion and chaos even among the creators of the film.



But it got me thinking and asking the question: What IS it really like living as a tween girl in this day and age and in our hyper-sexualized American culture?



So I asked Ellianah what her fears are, her dreams, the pressures that she is facing today as she learns how to figure out this world. There is a lot she said that can be applied to your parenting and it’s nice to be aware of what our tween girls are struggling with. I hope you leave this episode feeling empowered to help your daughters navigate life.  



Some of the questions she answers are:

1. What is your biggest pressure in life?

2. What do you think about beauty and being a woman?

3. What is your favorite thing about being 11?

4. What is it like to be a tween in 2020?



This podcast is my favorite so far and we tackle some big topics. I am so excited to bring it to you! Thank you for listening and supporting us!



Click right here to listen now!






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Thank you so much!




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