The Homeschool Mom Academy

The Homeschool Mom Academy!

Struggling with homeschooling?

Do you look at all the curriculum choices and feel overwhelmed?


When you grade another paper, do you wonder if you’re the one that is failing?


Is your family quizzing your children on their math facts and you feel unsupported by them?


Do you question every homeschooling decision you make?

You don't have to homeschool alone

I’ve been homeschooling my kiddos for 20 years and I have learned so much along the way.

Those 20 years have taught me a lot of things.

I would love to pass those on to you!

You are not alone!

You can do This!

You are enough!

What If...

homeschooling just a few short days, you could be feeling confident about your homeschooling decision instead of scared. could look at curriculum with confidence, implement it with no worries. And if it didn't work out, you could just move on without second guessing.

homeschooling could have calm children who are attentive to school instead of running circles around the kitchen table? could confidently teach your children without second guessing yourself every step of the way.


My deepest desire has always been to help other mommas who are struggling with homeschooling to be successful.


I’ve been coaching, mentoring and helping other moms for several years now.


These moms have gone from scared to confident. They have been able to implement systems in their homes to help them with their homeschooling. They have learned what to say to unsupportive family members. They have grown into amazing homeschooling moms!


And I can’t believe I get to be able to reach you, help you, and watch you grow into the amazing homeschooling mom that I know you are.

So what is all of this, anyway?

I am offering a brand new program called

The Homeschool Mom Academy

A Mentoring Opportunity for Moms


Everything is better when you have a community of like minded people behind you, cheering you on.


People you can bounce ideas off of.


People you can commiserate with.


And people who will love and support you no matter how much you think you’ve failed.


This is what I’m offering to you, a community of homeschooling women–just like you.


We will work through this homeschooling life together, because that’s what we were made for and that’s the easiest way to reach your goals.

You don’t have to do this alone!

What's In it for You? A LOT!!

Full Mentoring Package    $97    Now $47!

⇒  60 minute mentoring call via Zoom

⇒  Zoom, Voxer or Messenger follow up

⇒  An amazing mindset change, the ability to be confident in yourself and have a happier homeschool experience.

We can talk curriculum, scheduling, children’s disobedience, how to get started…it’s all up to you! Whatever you need is what we will talk about!

Curriculum Mentoring Package   $57  Now $37!

⇒  60 minute curriculum session via Zoom

⇒  3 weeks of Voxer support after the Zoom call

Here we talk about curriculum only.  You will get a custom built curriculum program for your child, your questions answered, we can talk about what your children need to know and you will have help implementing the curriculum into your homeschool.

I offer payment plans!

2 month Payment Plan

Full Mentoring Package
$ 23.50 Per Month

2 month payment plan

Curriculum Package
$ 18.50 Per Month

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!

Other than feeling empowered, you'll also get:

Membership Program

One free month of my "Cultivating Your Homeschool" Membership Program

Discount on Curriculum

You'll get a special discount code for any curriculum I develop.

Right now I'm working on a kids in the kitchen course and a homesteading course.

Private Facebook Group

Access to my private homeschool Facebook group where I go live regularly and offer support. It's a great community of women!

Exclusive Email List

Special email list where I send freebies, sales, first peeks at new content and any other new offers I develop. Be the first to know!


Customer reviews

What are others saying?

Amber was a great help! I was completely lost, nobody around us had ever homeschooled so I have many, many questions! But she was very patient and knew all the answers! I’m very thankful that I came across her, she was extremely helpful!
Guadalupe Taveras
New homeschooling mom

So, what do you think?


If you’re ready to feel empowered in your homeschool, give me a try! I know I can help you!


You can succeed at homeschooling your child!


You can do this, momma!


I believe in you!


I’ll see you on the inside!