Effortless Self Care Ideas for Homeschool Moms

Self care.


An elusive concept in the mommy years.


So much of what we do is for others, and we love it.


When your baby takes her first steps or your 4 year old learns how to read or your 11 year old finally understands that math concept, these feel so good.


Our momma hearts are filled with joy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But all of these wins means that we put in that time, we showed up for our family. We taught the math, we sat with them for hours teaching each letter, each sound.


Yes, our husbands do a lot and praise God for them! But as homeschooling mommas, we are showing up consistently and regularly regardless of how we feel that day. We are warriors AND huggers and it can all just be exhausting.


As much as we love all of this, we are human too, and the tiredness can weigh heavy most days.


So when someone comes along and says the words “self care,” we shrug our shoulders and laugh out loud for real, because…yeah, it’s not happening.

self care for homeshool moms

I learned early on that I needed this.


I actually learned as a military wife going through my first deployment how much I needed to make self care a priority.


I didn’t know, until that one fateful day, after my husband had been gone for about 6 weeks, and I slapped my 2 year old on the legs because she spilled her taco in the car. I was immediately filled with shame and ran to a friend’s house and cried on her shoulder about what a terrible mother I was.


Even 17 years later, I feel regret about letting myself get to such a breaking point.


I decided right then and there that I was going to be better for my kids and take better care of myself. I enrolled in exercise classes at the YMCA, took my kids to the daycare there and went a few times per week.


I also had loving friends who did a Bible study with me at my house after the kiddos were in bed. So many times I wanted to say no to them because I was so tired, but I said yes to myself because I needed it.


My babies needed it.

self care for homeschool mom

And while your situation might not be as drastic as I found myself in, taking care of yourself is not a luxury. You cannot be the momma you were meant to be if you don’t take some time to relax, get a break and regroup.


I know you know this.


I’m not going to give you some long explanation about why you need this. You already know that you do. I’m going to give you some actual tools to use, a way to actually accomplish this self care idea without having to invest a ton of time or energy to figure it out first.

But sometimes it’s hard to take that first step, to make it happen.


I understand and I made something just for you!


It’s a self care idea postcard!


Actually, I made two of them for you and want to offer them both for you, free to download!


Just keep them on your phone for easy access, or print them and put them on your mirror, tuck into your journal or keep in your car to reference.


I tried to include free, easy, self care ideas you can do quickly and effortlessly. The idea is to make it so simple for you that you just can do it with no extra thought or energy.

Also, if you need some extra homeschool motivation, listen to my podcast about motivation with my daughter.

 You can also read the post if you’d rather.

I understand being overwhelmed and tired. Now, order some pizza for supper, ask your husband to put the kids to bed and go!


You need this.


Please take good care of yourself.


We need you in the world.


Your family needs you.


I hope this helps.

Please share if you found this helpful!
Thanks, friends!

self care ideas, homeschool moms
self care ideas, homeschool moms
self care ideas, homeschool moms

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