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Learn How to Homestead the Simple Way

The best all-in-one course for beginner homesteaders

Think you have to know it all?

You don't have to! You can start homesteading with minimal knowledge and no experience. I'll show you how!

confused and unsure?

This course will help you untagle some of the questions, set you on a path to success and lead you the entire way!

Learn an easier way to homestead

Don't want to butcher a chicken? You don't have to! I'll teach you how to homestead without the overwhelm!

A complete beginner's program

You go to the all-knowing Google and type in, “homesteading” and the overwhelm hits you like a ton of bricks. You want this lifestyle so bad you can taste it, yet you can’t quite seem to move past the tsunami of information out there. Where do you start?

Right here!

This is more than a course. This is confidence!

Start with the basics

A lot of courses and blogs give you all the information at once, but that leads to overwhelm and giving up.

This course is different.


we'll start with actual basics:

what if I have no money?

what about kids, or full time jobs--or both?

what tools do you really need?

what plants are best for a first year garden?

Get video tutorials like this

and so much more!

What's included:

MOdule 1: Goals and mindset

Explore how to set realistic and intentional goals, whether you’re already on your homestead or still in the city.

MOdule 2: Budgeting

Here we wil discuss budgeting, costs and how to set boundaries regarding your money.

MOdule 3: General Supplies

What are the actual supplies you need for a homestead? How can you do this cheaply and effectively? Learn what you need without wasting money.

MOdule 4: Animals

What are the best animals to start with? What do you actually need for them? We also explore values, ethics and talk about hard questions such  and the realities of keeping animals.

Module 5: Gardening

Here we talk about gardening basics. What a first year garden looks like, plans for that garden and some simple preserving tips and videos.

Module 6: Homesteading On a Budget

This is where you will learn how to do things inexpensively: from repurposing items to cutting feed costs. There are also animal feed recipes included.

Module 7: CHickens 101

This is an easy introduction into chickens. I keep it simple and accessible, talking about the best breeds for beginners, feeding, diseases and more.

Module 8: Goats 101

Goats are a great larger animal for a beginner to have! In this module you will learn all about goats and what you need to get started!

why homestead?

When the world went crazy with the pandemic, so many people were consumed with fear.


And I was a little bit, too.


I didn’t know if I was going to get sick, if I would lose loved ones or if we were going to overwhelm the hospitals.


But I wasn’t scared of providing for my family.


There was so much happening along the way, each little step was another arrow of fear being driven into our psyche, but those arrows never hit us.




Because we are self-sufficient. But we don’t live off the grid or do anything that’s difficult.


When the dairies were dumping their milk and everyone panicked that milk would not be available, our goats were pumping out gallons of milk a day. We were going to be OK.


When the meat market collapsed and you couldn’t find meat, the lockers were overwhelmed and booked up for months, we had just put half a cow in our freezer. We were fine.


When I went to the grocery store and saw the look of concern and “what-if’s” in everyone’s eyes, I knew that we were going to be OK because I had a pantry full of canned goods from our garden. We had food and I knew we were going to survive.


The only thing I couldn’t supply myself was toilet paper. 🤣


But the peace this brought me during this uncertain and scary time was priceless. Not having to worry about where your next meal is coming from, not having to panic with everyone else and not having to lose sleep over government instability or job loss is more satisfying than you can imagine.


You can have this peace, too!


You want it, you’ve been thinking about it.


Let’s make this lifestyle a reality for you!

Why not you?

You deserve to live your dreams and be prepared for the future!

Homestead with a friend

I am here for you!


I have been homesteading for 20 years now and couldn’t have done without friends helping me along.


And I want to be that friend for you!


Instead of standing in the middle of your garden, weeds taking over, nothing growing, why not ask a friend?


Instead of wondering why your chickens aren’t laying, why not ask a friend?


All of these questions and more are what we will explore in this course.

book pages galore!

Every single module has a workbook to go with it.


Charts, diagrams, journaling pages, lists–it’s all included! There are over 50 pages total!


Everything you need for dreaming–and planning–is right here!



Let's Start Homesteading

Learn How To Homestead the Simple Way
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Ready to start living your country dreams?

Let's Start Homesteading

Learn How To Homestead the Simple Way
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  • Course Content
  • Complete Workbook
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Let’s talk about some of these.


You want to succeed in this, so let’s set you up for success!


I’ve got you!

I could just google this for free

Who is someone that you know that has wisdom, not because they have advanced degrees, but because they have lived? Homesteading is a lot like that. I am able to pass that wisdom to you in one condensed source. No overwhelm, just basic, simple, facts. What you need to know and when you need to know it.

This whole thing is just too much to think about

It can be overwhelming! But that’s why I made this course. There is almost too much information out there and that’s what leads to those feelings. I help you navigate through these, show you how to set goals and see through a realistic lens so you can be successful!

Do I neven really need something like this?

Twenty years of my mistakes are in this course, along with the corrections to them. Explaining to your kids that you poisoned their beloved goat is a heartbreaking experience. (Yes, it happened to me.) Let’s avoid those painful moments and learn from those who have gone before.

I live in town. I don't need this now.

Homesteading is a mindset and you can start working towards your goals now. There are also options like urban homesteading, which helps you develop some skills you will need. All of that can begin now and you’ll be that much further ahead.

No more wondering if it's possible

you will learn how to make it possible!

no more wasted time waiting for your dreams

take action on your dreams! You will learn how and where to start

go into tractor supply like you own the place!

you'll know exactly what you need, why you need it and where to find it. You're a boss!

be able to answer your family's questions

Slay the nay-sayers! you will come away with enough knowledge to squash their objections!

feel empowered, not overpowered

it's called "overwhelm" because it takes over. This course will leave you feeling empowered in your decisions and confident in all the moves you make on this homesteading journey