One-Sided Latin Flashcards for Memoria Press or Other Homeschool Curriculum

I love flashcards.


I know they are old school and so many people are using online apps such as Quizlet, but there’s something about this way of studying that sticks in just the right ways.


I don’t know what it is, but there’s a reason flashcards have been around for decades.


I own a lot of flashcards and have used so many different types: triangle flashcards with math fact families,  plain old Walmart math flashcards with the answers on the back, geography flashcards with flags and president flashcards with their whole life condensed to a 3×5 card. Since I use the Memoria Press curriculum for the majority of my homeschooling needs, we mostly buy their flashcards.


I do like this curriculum and have done a review on it here:

Memoria Press Review, Memoria Press

An Honest Memoria Press Review

When I first started homeschooling, 19 years ago, there were a lot of curriculum options. This was at the dawn of the internet age, when Napster was hot and chatrooms and AOL were the preferred methods of online communication. Back then, homeschooling had been around

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The MP flashcards are high quality and very nice. My daughter would not be able to know and remember all the facts without them. They are a handy tool for reviewing and seeing gaps in her learning.


However, the Latin flashcards were giving me some trouble.


I had spent some time on Pinterest looking up vocabulary games, ideas and tools and found so many promising ideas there.


Pinterest really is great for implementing new ideas into your school days. Here is my Pinterest page, if you’re interested.


However, I couldn’t implement all of these great ideas with our Latin, because the flashcards were printed on both sides: the Latin was on one side and the English was on the other side. Most games couldn’t be played with them like this.


So I made my own!


Mine are printed on only one side, so there is a pair of flashcards for each word, one Latin, one English.

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homeschool latin flashcards, homeschool latin flash cards, flashcards, flash cards, latin, homeschooling, vocabulary

I tried to print them on colored cardstock, but that actually hindered my daughter’s learning of the words.


She knew which color to look for instead of the words, so it gave her a way to cheat the system.


But, if you like the Montessori method or have a special needs child or want another way of having your kids check themselves, the colored card stock is good for these situations.


I just print them all on white card stock right now. You could also laminate them, but I don’t. It’s really up to you.


With these flash cards, you can play all kinds of games. Our favorites are Slap Jack and Memory.


We’ve even been known to spread them all over the entire floor, using several units at a time to really challenge ourselves.


I also found a board game on Pinterest that we downloaded and use these flashcards to play it. That game is right here, if you’re interested.


I know flashcards are such a small part of everything that needs to go into homeschooling, but it can be an important part of your child’s education.


I believe in these so much, that I’m making them available to you!


I am also in the process of putting together a bundle of games and ideas to use with these. If you buy today, you’ll get the upgrade for FREE! Once I get the entire bundle put together I’m going to raise the price, so this is your chance to get it for the lowest price.

Also, while my flashcards do follow the Memoria Press curriculum, you don’t have to use that curriculum to use these flashcards.


They can be used with any Latin program or on their own to learn some Latin words and sayings.


It’s always a good idea to study some Latin, it helps with English vocabulary and it’s fun to be able to say some foreign words!


I hope this has helped you in some way, even given you ideas for your own homeschool. Thank you for being here! I appreciate you so much!

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Thanks, friends!

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