I Am Here Because You Are Here (In Other Words: My Mission Statement)

I look around me, seeing, not believing–really–how many people are here.


They each have their own place here, on this thing called the World Wide Web. Yet I step out into this space and start building. I’ve been over here in the corner for a little while, 7 years, carving out a nook where I can go when things don’t make sense, developing the craft and listening to my muse. The Holy Spirit and I have been hanging out there for a while, changing and growing me.

So while I’m not completely new here, I am in new territory as I try to construct a different place among the throng. I’ve been hammering, erecting, nailing, shaping this space to live on this wild west land. The learning curve has been high and many days I’ve wanted to stop, but I am determined to make this a welcoming place for you.

I want you to join me on this journey, on my living, learning journey. I have been mostly alone for long enough and God has been rearranging my life these past couple of years, making room. Yes, it’s been painful, but I think it’s because He wants me here.

So here I am.

I hope you join me, sit down with me and have a cup of coffee (I have tea, too). We can talk about anything you’d like, but I really enjoy talking about homeschooling. My hope is that you would let me show you a few things I’ve learned on that journey.

If you’re not into that, I also like to help others learn how to be more self sufficient, developing skills like gardening and canning. You want to buy an acreage and have some animals? I can help you there, too.

Oh, you’re husband lost his job, you lost your job, and how you’re on one income? I’ve raised 6 kids on one income, with several still home. I may have some advice and tips for you. It’ll be OK.

Let’s sit down over here and chat about these things. I would love to get to know you better and hopefully we can connect over one of these. Because isn’t this what life is about? Connection? To people? I know you’re just reading words on a screen, but I’m on the other side, typing them, thinking about you.

Who are you?

What can I help you with?

What do you need from me?

As I’m hammering away, building my place for you, I think about what you would like, what makes you comfortable. Do you need a soft couch over here? A warm meal, an idea? These are my thoughts as I construct and create and write. These are my goals, my reasons for stepping out into this empty space filled with millions of others. You can go anywhere, have so many choices. There are so many are out there, better than me, their places are beautiful and they’ve been constructing for years now.

I know. I see them, too.

But I hope we can build a community together.


I would like to offer you something nobody else can, because nobody else is me, sees things like me. And you are unique, too. So us together is a new relationship, a new connection, and is something unique out here in cyberspace.

Even among the millions, we can be different together.

At least, that is my hope and goal.

I care deeply about you, your children, your family. I want so badly for everyone to be successful at this family thing. And while we do things differently, I hope I can breathe some new ideas into your space. And even if there’s nothing new for you here, that’s OK. I still want to be friends. We can still chat about things and get together for coffee (or tea!).

I would also like to show you Jesus. You may already know who He is, and there’s another connection! But He has us each on our own path, our own journey, so I would like to show you mine. I would like to show you how He teaches me, holds me, guides me. How suffering is part of my journey and my main goal with that is to suffer well so that His light shines through me. I feel like I fail on that most days, but I do try. He is my Rock and I want to show that to you. Jesus is the why behind all I do, why I’m homeschooling, why I’m even starting this new writing place.

Why I’m here.

I hope that doesn’t turn you off, but if it does, we can talk about that, too. I used to be in those shoes and I remember how they felt. I see you and just want to love you, no matter what your faith is, your background. Mine is pretty colorful and I only say that so you know that I get it. Anyway, I care.

So here, take this cup and let’s go sit over there and talk about these things. I want to get to know you, to listen to you and what you need. Please talk to me in the comments and I’ll be here, listening and responding. Together, we can build this place into a community, even among the millions.

I hope you join me!



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