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Writing Your Homeschooling Epic

I sit in the rocking chair, feeling it envelope me with its cushiony softness. As my foot gently pushes the chair, back and forth, back and forth, I wrap my cold hands around the warm coffee mug. The sunlight is streaming in, blanketing me in warmth. As

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free homeschool curriculum

The Most Trusted Free Homeschool Curriculum

When I first started homeschooling, almost 20 yrs ago, there were many curricula out there. You could get boxed, everything done for you, unit studies, different methods such as Charlotte Mason, Classical and unschooling. You could even just go to Walmart and get workbooks for

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Podcast: Socialization in Homeschooling

In this episode of the podcast, we tackle the socialization question that is common among homeschoolers. I think it’s probably the number one question people ask me or have if they are considering homeschooling. I didn’t know what Ellianah thought about socialization in homeschooling until

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Memoria Press Review, Memoria Press

An Honest Memoria Press Review

When I first started homeschooling, 19 years ago, there were a lot of curriculum options. This was at the dawn of the internet age, when Napster was hot and chatrooms and AOL were the preferred methods of online communication. Back then, homeschooling had been around

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homeschool burnout

Homeschool Burnout: Am I Enough?

  I wake up in the morning, the cold rushing through my bones as I walk across the dark house. The coffee doesn’t brew fast enough and I stand there, looking out at the snow-covered world.   It’s February and we’re almost done with our

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hurting at Christmas, hope

When You’re Hurting At Christmas

  I drive the car into the parking lot, his lanky frame, dressed in black, waits. My heart feels heavy as he opens the door and quietly gets in. My husband asks how he’s doing and I listen to their exchange.   My son.  

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