The Homeschooler’s Ultimate Guide to Home Management

It's 4 pm and You're standing in front of the fridge...

…your kids are whining that they’re hungry, the baby is crying and needs to be nursed, but supper time is creeping up and you’re about ready to lose your mind!

If this is you, stay with me here

I don’t like sales pages.

I just don’t.

I don’t like feeling like someone is trying to get something from me.

But, I believe in helping moms like you and I need to get this information across.

So, in this spirit, please know I’m not trying to “get” you. I am honest about my prices and what it takes for me to create things for you.

I ultimately want to help you be successful in your homeschooling journey.

This is just a way to get information to you and then you can decide what’s best for your homeschooling journey.

I respect you and care about you.

Now..on to the rest!

So What is this?

a monthly membership program

The homeschooler's ultimate guide to home management

So you can rock your homeschool day


Meal Planning


and More!

lay a foundation so your homeschool can thrive!

Membership Features

Workshop, Workbook, LIve Q&A

Self paced workshops, given to you monthly to conquer the overwhelm.


There is a different topic for each month. Topics include meal planning, scheduling, chores, school supplies, obedience training and much more!


Every month will be a surprise bonus! Anything from printables, to extra guides, to Zoom sessions, no freebie is off limits!

Secure and confident

No more crying on your husband’s shoulder, you’ll be telling him about your great days!


Go ahead and say yes to that field trip or play date without guilt–you know school will not be sacrificed!


You’ll be able to take care of yourself, finally getting to practice all this “self care” we keep hearing about.


When your husband freaks out because he thinks something slipped through the cracks, you’ll be able to smile calmly and know it was already taken care of.

This is amazing! What's it cost?

The Homeschooler’s Ultimate Guide to Home Management   $15/month

⇒  Monthly Workshops

⇒  Monthly Workbooks with printables and all you need to implement that month’s topic

⇒  Monthly Live Q & A Sessions

⇒  An amazing mindset change, the ability to be confident in yourself and have a happier homeschool experience.

Customer reviews

What are others saying?

Amber was a great help! I was completely lost, nobody around us had ever homeschooled so I have many, many questions! But she was very patient and knew all the answers! I’m very thankful that I came across her, she was extremely helpful!
Guadalupe Taveras
New homeschooling mom

So, what do you think?


If you’re ready to feel empowered in your homeschool, give this a try!


You can have happy kids and productive days!


You can do all the things and give your kids what you missed out on!


You can do this, momma!


I believe in you!


I’ll see you on the inside!