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Writing Your Homeschooling Epic

I sit in the rocking chair, feeling it envelope me with its cushiony softness.   As my foot gently pushes the chair, back and forth, back and forth, I wrap my cold hands around the warm coffee mug. The sunlight is streaming in, blanketing me

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10 Tips to Find Your Homeschool Motivation

Even after 2 decades of homeschooling, I will find myself just not wanting to do school. This is a common challenge of homeschooling: finding your own motivation so you can in turn light a spark for your homeschooled child. These challenges can be real or

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Homeschool Burnout: Am I Enough?

  I wake up in the morning, the cold rushing through my bones as I walk across the dark house. The coffee doesn’t brew fast enough and I stand there, looking out at the snow-covered world.   It’s February and we’re almost done with our

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