A Simple Homemade Dairy Goat Feed Recipe

This is just a short and simple post about our homemade dairy goat feed.


We make our own, for many reasons.

  • it’s cheaper
  • it’s healthier
  • I know exactly what’s in it
  • I can control it for health and wellness purposes

We started making our own feed last summer when we had health problems in our herd. It was the best decision we made! It’s not very difficult and my 11 year old can even mix up a batch on her own.


Here’s the recipe:

5 cups oats

5 cups barley

1 cup black oil sunflower seeds (3 cups for milking does)

1 cup cracked corn


Usually I double it and keep it in a 5 gallon bucket. You can optionally add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and then 8 cups of water and let this soak overnight. Out goats did not like this concoction, so we just feed it to them dry.



homemade dairy goat feed

I give my buck and dry/pregnant LaManchas 1/2 lb per feeding or 1 lb per day, according to Fiasco Farm’s recommendations.  For milking does, I do 1.5 lbs per feeding or 3 lbs per day. I also up the amount of sunflower seeds to 3 cups in the mixture.


I do have one picky goat who will only eat this mixed with store bought pellets, so I do that for her.


That’s it! I know, this is very simple today, but I just wanted to share with you how we make our own dairy goat feed. I will have another post about goat’s nutritional needs and will link that here once I get it done.


As always, thank you for being here! I appreciate you very much!

homemade dairy goat feed

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homemade dairy goat feed
homemade dairy goat feed

13 thoughts on “A Simple Homemade Dairy Goat Feed Recipe”

  • I’ve been trying to figure out if there is something that can be used to replace the corn in this recipe. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help you can provide. I’m trying to avoid corn and soy if possible.

    • Hi! Thank you for your time spent here. 🙂 You can just not use the corn at all and keep everything else the same. Feeding corn to goats can be controversial and everyone needs to do what they feel comfortable with. I would just not include it in this recipe. Thank you again for your time and I hope that was helpful!

    • I buy mine at the local Tractor Supply or feed store. It’s labeled for feeding birds and may be in the bird feeding section.

    • You can either go to your local elevator and find oats there or even your feed store, like Tractor Supply. It would also be ok to just leave them out for the time being and just use the barley. Since it won’t be that long, that would be fine.

  • So I’m assuming that this isn’t a complete goat feed as it would lack a number of the minerals that goats would need such as copper do you use copper boluses or do you give a loose mineral to your goats along with this feed do you give Hay, along with this feed as normal is this just instead of goat pellets I’m trying to come up with a naturally balanced feed that I can palletize. I am considering buying brewers grains from a local micro brewery and would like to use this in the feed so I’m trying to understand various recipes, and how the nutrition works. Any feedback that you have would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is not a complete feed in that you would have to add minerals and hay. For dairy goats, typically, they need more protein and calcium while they’re in milk. The calcium can come from alfalfa and I feed alfalfa pellets that I add right on top of their grain. The grain adds calories and protein as well. Some dairy goats have a hard time keeping on weight, even with free feed hay and alfalfa, so supplementing with grain can be a good way to manage their weight and overall health. I would never look at grain as a full feed, as dairy goats need many sources of different types of feed and minerals to be healthy. Grain is only a small part of this. For whethers and dry does, they don’t really even need grain. I do use grain for other purposes, as well, such as training and giving my herbal wormer. They are more likely to eat the wormer if it’s mixed with grain than alone. I also train my goats to be tied and to the milk stand for milking and grain makes this process so much easier! As far as copper goes, I do administer copper boluses as the goat needs it, I go off of looks and health, not a schedule. I do have a post all about copper boluses if you’re interested. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment! I appreciate the dialogue!

  • Hello!
    I was wondering about the cracked corn, I had my vet say that corn is not good for goats? Is the cracked corn different or is it just that there isn’t too much in this mixture, so they do fine with it?
    (No criticism, just curious because I would love to do this!!)

    • There are competing thoughts on corn for goats. I usually watch each individual goat and feed and manage them according to what they need. However, my herd isn’t huge, so this is easy to do. If a goat would seem to do poorly on this grain, I would switch it out. If you aren’t sure about the corn, you can leave it out, it won’t hurt anything. Each goat is different, each herd is different, so many factors go into goat keeping and a lot of it is trial and error. I use cracked corn here because it’s easier for me to find, but any type of corn will work, or again, you can leave it out. Thank you for stopping by and for the dialogue. I appreciate it!

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