Gifts for Homesteaders: 50 Gifts Mom Will Love

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas or any other time of year, you may be stuck wondering what to gifts to buy for your mom. She does so much for you, yet always seems to have what she needs or doesn’t voice her wants. I hope this gift guide can help you find just the right gift ideas for the homesteader, farmer, or gardener in your life. This one is written with moms in mind, as sometimes she can be the hardest to buy for, especially if you’re a homesteading family.

Your mom has many sides to her. She may enjoy working on the farm with the animals, but she probably also likes her house to look nice. She may not have the money or time to shop for decorations, but she does enjoy the look, most likely. She may also be homeschooling or working full time, which means she doesn’t have time for herself, to go shopping for the things she needs or wants. You will be blessing her immensely by buying your mom gifts that she can use.

This gift guide for mom is going to be broken down into several areas, hopefully making it easier for you to decide what to get her.

Gifts for the Farm

In this section, I focused on gifts your mom may already have but elevated a bit. When budgets are tight, we don’t always buy the nicest items we can. This is a great opportunity to buy your mom something she uses every day, but higher quality. After all, we want to give our moms the best gifts, right? Splurge a little bit on her this holiday and give her something that’s so high quality, she won’t buy it herself.

Small Farm Tools and Equipment

Wide shovel



Stable fork

Hose sprayer

Fancy hose

Farm Clothing

Muck boots



Winter boots

Sun hat

Farm Animal Supplies


Goat Hoof clippers also, this one

Goat Collars, plastic collars, show collars


Milking equipment

Automatic chicken door

Lead ropes

Barn Organization

Storage bins

White boards

Garbage cans for feed or these grain storage bins


Wall racks, hooks and bins

Gifts for the Garden

Most likely your mom is also a gardener. This list is to help you think outside the box for gardeners since she most likely already has the basics. I know some of these items aren’t very exciting, but I would love to receive them, especially if I am on a budget. Moms always put their needs last and just try to “make do” with the items they can find or get inexpensively. To be able to have nice gardening supplies, even if it’s just peat moss, can make a world of difference.

Unique Gardening Gifts

Vermiculite, peat moss

Raised boxes


Gardening Journal


Willow Tree Figurine

Grow bags

Avocado tree kit

Gardening Tools


General gardening tools

Knee pad

Baskets for harvesting

Gardening Inside

Watering can

Seed starting kits

Grow lights— I am currently using these and I love them!

Heat mats and temp controller

Gifts for the House

As a mom, I do enjoy being outside with my animals, but I also like my inside surroundings to look nice. I don’t have time for a lot of knick-knacks, but I do enjoy seeing items in my space that remind me of my children or other loved ones. This list has a little bit of everything, from DIY ideas to more practical items she won’t buy for herself.

Bins for animal supplies–bottles, drugs, first aid, refrigerator bins for meds

Wall hangings, picture frames


Paint, you can even offer to do it for her


Counter top egg storage


CrateJoy: this is a company I have recently discovered and I love it! This is a subscription box website that carries all types of boxes. I bought my adult daughter a home decor box for her birthday and she loved it! You can sort through all the different types of subscription boxes by gender, age, type, season and more. Here is a link to their farm page that is full of boxes I would love as a homesteading and homeschooling mom. If this style isn’t your mom’s thing, there are even boxes for chickens! This store is amazing!

Best Gifts for Homeschool Moms

If your mom is also a homeschooling mom, here are a few gift ideas for her that I know she would enjoy! This is not an extensive list, just a few unique gift ideas to help you out this holiday.

Office supplies

Gift card for her favorite homeschool curriculum

A webinar, virtual or real life homeschool conference

Bookshelves or other storage for books, supplies, household items, etc.

I sincerely hope this was helpful for you to find a gift for your mom who is living a more rural lifestyle. Sometimes we can be hard to buy for, I understand. Thank you for being here and for your time. I hope this was helpful!

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