Gift Ideas for Your Homesteading Child

The holidays are here!


While part of my blog’s purpose is to teach you how to homestead on the cheap, sometimes we do need to spend some money. The holidays (and birthdays) are the perfect time to splurge on some must needed items, while also getting your kiddos their presents.


Double duty gifts are always a thrifty idea, even if you spend more than you normally would on each item. Why buy them a toy they will stop playing with in 2 months, when you can spend the same money and get them something they will appreciate and use for months or years to come?


Keep reading for some gift ideas for your homesteading child. Most of these are items I have actually purchased for my kids over the years.


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Gift ideas for Your Homesteading Child

Working Hard

  Muck boots

⇒  Good pair of work gloves

⇒  Good chore coat and/or    other chore clothes

⇒  Water bucket they can haul water in by themselves

⇒  Set of gardening tools or  homestead tools

Household Items for the Animal lover

⇒  Animal sheet set

⇒ Animal calendar

⇒ Animal journals, books, pictures

⇒ Homesteading related shirts (chickens, cows,etc)

⇒ Animal related ornaments

Tweens and Teens

⇒  Planner/calendar to keep track of animal information/gardening

⇒  Camera

⇒  Animal jewelry

⇒  Recipe book to start own recipe collection


⇒  Farm-opoly

⇒  Tractor-opoly

⇒  Barnyard deck of cards

  Count Your Chickens board game

  Prairie Homestead board game

I hope this gift guide is helpful!


Also take a peek at my gift guide for homeschoolers–there are so many good ideas over there from other homeschooling families!


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gift ideas for your homesteading child
gift ideas for your homesteading child
gift ideas for your homesteading child

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