Part 1: How You Can Fearlessly Homeschool High School

Can you homeschool your teenager?


Should you even try to homeschool high school?


What about just starting in high school?


The short answer to these questions is yes! Yes, you can homeschool your teenager and you should. You can start in highschool and homeschooling is always a good idea!


I know you still may not be sure, even though you know it’s the best thing for your child, but your baby is now a teenager and almost done with school and the doubts creep in and you just don’t know.


And the questions come and they don’t stop and your confidence waxes and wanes but mostly you just want to pull that trigger.


And while your mind turns these questions over, looking at them from all angles, you work the worry and wonder how can you pull this off?


But you look into their face—almost adult, yet still that baby you held to your chest and rocked in the night–and you know you have to do this for them.  You will do anything to make sure they have the best education you can provide. Even if it’s only for a few years until they leave, you set that determination in your heart and take the first step toward homeschooling.


Even if the fear is gripping tight, it’s not going to stop you from loving your child in this way.


Nothing will.

homeschool high school

There is homeschool highschool help!

And now your research has led you here and I’m so happy you’re here! I care deeply about homeschooling and want you to be successful at it.


I want to help you, momma.


I have walked this path, I have been right where you are. And while my first teenager was (almost) always homeschooled, it was still scary for me.


High school was scary.


Having teenagers can be scary.


The first step is the hardest one and I faltered and fell, but kept getting back up and figuring it out.


And now I’ve graduated 3 of those teenagers, 3 daughters who have launched into adulthood, still scary, but so much I have learned.


But I’m still just one person. My opinion or how we did things is not the final say.


Please look at what others are doing, gather ideas from all the sources and make it work for your family. We are all different, so take little pieces here and there and fit it into the picture that your family is supposed to look like.


You won’t regret the effort.

Why Should you homeschool in high school?

Let’s start with the why.


Your why will be the main thing that gets you through the hard days.


We need to work through it and solidify it in our hearts and minds so we can walk this path with confidence.


So, then, why should you homeschool in high school?


1). They can focus on what they want to: job, college, working with engines, starting a business, anything. Sometimes school can be a hindrance to all of the dreams our children have. Sometimes being stuck inside of a school building all day while the world is passing by, makes our children stir crazy and just crazy. By freeing their time up to focus on what they want to do, it can help our children unfurl their wings and fly!


2). Your child gets to have more control over their current and future choices about schooling, jobs, and life. Let’s face it: in public schools they often have tracks that they put our children on, depending on their skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc. It’s not all bad, but it can be confining and many times our children don’t have a say. It is their life, we should let them be the deciders in it.


3). Homeschooling can be more relaxed with less pressure. While our teenagers are amazing creatures, full of ability and excitement, they are also still kids.

High school is one last slice of childhood, let them have it. Let them be silly, let them have fun. Let them cuddle up with you on the couch and watch movies on the weekend instead of studying for some test. Homeschooling your highschooler can create a more relaxed atmosphere for them to spend these last fading childhood days.

Of course we want them to be responsible and grown up, but there’s also a place for licking the batter out of the bowl and going on a walk with the family.

Do these things.

The years are fleeting by.

homeschool high school

4.) They can spend time forming their religious, political, and worldviews with their parents. The highschool years are a huge developmental leap for our kids. They are now able to talk about deeper issues that deeply impact their thoughts and beliefs.

Don’t shy away form these hard discussions.

Your child needs you to have them with her. She needs to be able to talk out loud about her viewpoints–even if they disagree with yours–so she can form them and learn from them. Encourage your child to think for themselves and think critically over these important topics. And being able to do it inside of the safety of your house is important.

Homeschooling can allow for these discussions, either because the curriculum brought them up, or just because the news or the events of the day did. But now you have the time to sit with them, talk about them and help her think critically.



5). They have more time for their passions: sports, school, hobbies. Homeschooling allows the time your child needs to fully pursue his hobbies and interests. He can pour himself into his passion and come out so much better on the other side. And to do it with no worries about a test or a paper due, just adds to the greatness!

By giving your child more time, they can use that to really go after their hobbies and excel at it! (Most kids can play sports in high school even if they’re homeschooled. Check with your state, but it is possible most anywhere.)



6). Homeschooling allows for relationship building with younger siblings and parents. It’s likely that your child will leave your house after high school, whether they go to college or not. Even if they stay home for a couple of years, it will be different.

The high school years are the last years you have with your child as a child in your house. This can be an excellent opportunity for developing stronger relationships with their siblings, parents and other family members. If you have your child at home instead of in school, they have to figure out how to get along with their siblings or it can be no fun for anyone.

When I was a new homeschooling mom, I heard a saying along the lines of if your child can get along with their siblings, they can get along with anyone. Your children will be adults longer than they were kids, you want them to have good relationships with their siblings for their adult years.

Now is the time to nurture that. They can have the time and space to figure each other out, deal with conflict resolution and common interests. They can support each other and cheer each other on. 

You can also reestablish a solid relationship with them or move to a new level if they’ve been home this whole time.

Either way, the teenage years are a great time to rediscover your child and maybe find some things you have in common and pursue them together. 

Bonus Q & A Section

Here’s some quick answers to some common questions!

Yes! You can start homeschooling your teenager, or any age child, at any point in the year. Check with your state laws and requirements on how to take your children out of school to homeschool them. HSLDA is also a great resource.

The short answer is yes! And even if your relationship with your highschooler isn’t the best, homeschooling ca be a great way to get to know each other again. Teenagers want us around more than they let on.

Yes! Check with your state laws about graduation requirements. Your child can meet the requirements without being in a traditional school setting. And as a parents, you are more than qualified to help your child reach thier goals.

Even if you don’t remember what you learned in high school, or aren’t good at a particular subject area, you can teach your child. One thing to remember is that there is very solid homeschool curricula out there that anyone can use. Most of the times it’s done for you, especially with videos and other types of media. You can also learn alongside your child. You are capable of re-learning algebra or chemistry again, and sometimes learning with your child is half the fun!

Check with your local homeschooling community. Most places have social events for homeschooled teenagers, such as prom, homecoming and other events. Your child can play sports, as well, and participate in band and other such extra curricular activities, either through the school system or via your local homeschooling community. There is no reason for your highschooler to miss out on social events because they are homeschooled. Most teenagers have a full and active highschool life.

You can do this!

You may have many more “whys” to add to this list.


These are some solid ones that I could think of, things I’ve actually experienced.


There are so many reasons to homeschool your teenager and we all have different goals, different backgrounds and different skill sets, so our why may look different. But spending time thinking it over is important and will help you be successful.


This little encouragement piece is the first post in a series I’m doing on homeschooling high school. Every day I’m posting about a different aspect of high school. Stay tuned and I’ll link them all in this post, so you can easily find whatever you need.


You can do this, momma.


I believe in you. Your teenager believes in you!


You can homeschool highschool, you can teach high school math and your child can graduate and launch into adulthood like a boss!


This is not as scary as it seems, but the path is winding and you can’t see the end, and I know that’s hard. I really do understand.


Stick with me and I’ll hold your hand, helping you and celebrating your wins with you.


You’ll be great!

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