Dealing with the Effects of an Empty Nest

Today my daughter leaves.


She’s the second one to leave in two weeks’ time.


Moving out, the normal ritual that is supposed to happen, the rhythm of life. We know the moment they are placed in our arms, a screaming bundle of wet, squirming and you fall in love with a love so fierce it scares it you.


And every day marks one day closer to their leaving.


All of those little, nothing moments become your life with them and it’s all wrapped up in years. Time.


When we’re new moms we don’t understand this.


The days are long and we long for the days when we can stop with the messy buns and yoga pants and put on some makeup and maybe wear a shirt that doesn’t have any spit up on it. And then somehow, in some magical way, it starts to happen and you find some freedom in your time but it comes at a cost.

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