Amazon’s Subscribe and Save: Great Ways to Save Money

Today I have a money saving hack that you will love!


It’s Amazon’s Subscribe and Save.


If you haven’t heard about this gem, read on and I’ll tell you all about how I make this work for our family.


Several years ago, I tried couponing. I was very serious about it. I followed all the blogs, ordered coupons off of eBay and spent hours each week figuring out all the ways to save money with this method. It worked pretty well! I was getting toothpaste for free and shampoo for pennies. We had a pretty good stock pile going and I found I really enjoyed it.


But then we adopted hard kids and my life changed. I could no longer leave the house the way I needed to and there was no way I could continue the hours it took me to figure out the coupons each week.


So I stopped.


But that didn’t stop me from still trying to find ways to save money and how to provide for my family on our one income.


This is when I discovered Amazon’s Subscribe and Save.


If you’re a Prime member, it’s free to sign up and there is no additional cost to you. In fact, you save money! In the menu section on Amazon, there’s a Subscribe and Save link. Just click on that and it’ll help you sign up!

In a quick nutshell, the Subscribe and Save program is a subscription box that you control. You decide what you get, when you get it and how often. You can also cancel the whole thing at any time.


Not everything on Amazon is available for S&S, but almost everything you need is available. I have never not been able to find things I need.


If you have 5 or more items, you save 15% on your entire order. That’s pretty good for me! I also like that I don’t have to drive into town to purchase all of these items, saving me gas money and time. It just comes to me.


Another advantage, is it’s easier to budget. When I sit down to do our monthly budget and pay bills, I look through my Amazon Subscribe and Save to see what they’re sending me that month. I may add in subscriptions if we went through a particular item faster than expected, or I can skip items and have them delivered next month.


Or maybe we are trying to pay off a bill faster, so I will skip unneeded items to save money for the month. I like how versatile it is. Once I have everything reconfigured, I just add the S&S as it’s own line item on my budget sheet. It’s very simple and Amazon takes this money out automatically, so I don’t have to do anything else. I know when it’s coming out and exactly how much. It’s so simple!


I’m going to show you what I buy and why. I am so excited to let you in on this secret!

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This is the most recent box I received. Below I will go through each item, with a description and a link.

Dishwasher Detergent


I really do like these tabs for our dishwasher. I’ve been using them for years. There are many other types of dishwasher detergent on the Subscribe and Save program, but these are my favorite!

Laundry Detergent


I started using this type of laundry detergent when my now 11 year old was in cloth diapers. It’s a really good one for getting those diapers clean without added chemicals or interfering with the absorption of the diapers. Of course, Amazon has practically any type of laundry detergent you like.

Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for everything. 

  • cooking
  • hair mask
  • body lotion
  • makeup remover

These are just a few of the ways I use coconut oil. We go through these large containers pretty quickly. I love coconut oil and it stores forever!



I just started using collagen for my skin and joints. I add 2 scoops into my coffee every morning. I’m not sure if I’m seeing a difference, but this is the brand I use.

Paper Towels


This is the brand I like. I don’t think I need an explanation on how handy paper towels are. We also use them in our homesteading, like in the milk room. 



This is the generic form of Prilosec. I have stomach issues and this medication helps me a lot. This is the cheapest place I can find them.



This month’s box only included tampons, but I also buy pads on our Subscribe and Save. This is one item you don’t want to be without and with 5 of us cycling in the house now, we go through these (and pads) like crazy! I like how they just come each month and I don’t have to think about it.



I like this whitening one and it’s a pretty decent price. I know you can get toothpaste for a dollar at the dollar store, but the really good whitening stuff is pretty expensive. This brand is very good!



We buy our deodorant by the gallon! With so many tweens and teens in the house, we go through it pretty quickly. This brand is our favorite.

Shampoo and Conditioner


This is actually not a great price for this brand. I have been having trouble with Amazon offering a cheaper alternative of the same brand. While I know I can get this cheaper at the store, I do like that it comes to me and I don’t have to think about it. I will be on the look-out for something to more inexpensive, though.

Peanut Butter


We buy sugar free peanut butter. You may be surprised to find out how hard it is to find inexpensive, sugar free peanut butter. This is about as cheap as I can find it, although I do know that my local Walmart carries some for only a couple of dollars. Peanut butter is something we go through very quickly, so these 3 huge jars of it are a good deal for us.

Contact Solution

While generic is much cheaper, this is a pretty good deal for this brand. Again, it’s so nice that it comes to me and I never have to run out of solution with only one contact in!

Dog bones

We have a German Shepherd. While he is adorable, he is a very aggressive chewer with a sensitive stomach–a recipe for disaster with dog bones! He pretty much cannot tolerate any other type of bone, so when I found these cheese bones, I was so excited! It gives him something to do, he loves these and they don’t mess up his stomach. A win for all of us!

Olive Oil


This is not the most inexpensive olive oil. While I have used cheap olive oil for years, I am finally to a place where we can enjoy a higher quality olive oil. However, there is nothing wrong with the cheap stuff and we all have to figure out where we want to cut costs if we live on one income. It’s a no-brainer for me to use the cheap oil! Either way, getting it delivered each month is so nice!



Amazon has their own brand of baggies and I’ve used their freezer gallon size. I think they’re just as good as the name brand. On this order, we just needed the snack size, but I order all of my freezer bags through the Subscribe and Save program.

Toilet Paper


I will say, ordering your toilet paper on a monthly basis really helps you in a pandemic! When everyone was rushing to buy toilet paper, I sat back and relaxed because we had enough for the month and I knew I would get some on my next order. No worries here!

I have built up our list over the years, and it’s revolving based on needs each month. So this list is changing all the time. It ebbs and flows.


Most of the things on this list are things that are easy to overlook or forget about until you really need them, like toilet paper. There are also some things that are cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else, like the dog bones and olive oil.


I would also like to acknowledge that these are name brand items and between buying generic and couponing, I could save more money doing that. However, this is an option that has worked for me in lieu of couponing. It takes time to do coupons in a way that maximizes your savings, and while I’m think it is a very valuable way to spend your time, there are seasons in life where you just can’t, and I am currently in that season. I will probably be here for a while.


So I do know that while this isn’t as good of a money saver as couponing is, it does save time and that is a valuable resource, as well. And these items are cheaper like this, especially with the 15% discount, free shipping and savings on my gas bill.

I hope this has helped you! Please let you know in the comments below how you use Subscribe and Save or other ways you have found to save money!

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subscribe and save, save money, money saving tips

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