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Meet Holly
Meet Daisy
Meet Poppy


Welcome to our Adopt-A-Goat program! I am happy you found us and thrilled to welcome you into our little family!

We have so much fun around here and wanted to share it with you, so we created this program as a way to bring some joy and fun back into your homeschooling world.

And, if you aren’t a homeschooler, that’s fine! You don’t have to be.

Everyone is welcome here!

How the Adopt-A-Goat Program Works

Pick your goat! Look through this page and find the goat that you want to get to know better. Do you want one that fits your personality? How about the goat that looks like your dad? Or the one who seems the most stubborn, gentle or funny? Whatever the reason, you can pick your very own!

Sign up down below! Each goat comes with their own button, so make sure you click on the button that goes with your goat so you get the right materials.

Each month be on the lookout for news about your goat in our Goatly Greetings Newsletter! It will come straight to your email inbox, so make sure we aren’t in your spam box. You will get a welcome email immediately upon sign up, so if you don’t get that, please let us know so we can resend it.

Enjoy your new friend! You will love getting to know your goat over the months ahead. There is never a dull moment with these girls!

Why in the world is this something I need in my life?

Let’s face it–the world went uber digital almost overnight when the pandemic hit.

So many Zoom meetings, things shut down, no more togetherness. I know that going outside is a safe activity, but even that is difficult and not all of us feel safe doing that.

But our kids need nature! They need it like they need their blood coursing through their bodies.

We are part of the earth, created from it’s very essence. And no matter your view point on that, you cannot deny that children are happier, healthier and more calm when they are getting outside regularly.

We are designed to commune with nature.

Our kids feel it in their bones. They love animals, love the wind blowing through their hair and could play all day in a mud pit.

We need nature.

Our kids need nature.

And I know, this is still digital. Your kids aren’t actually coming over to our house to play with the goats, but it’s one more card to put in your back pocket to get your kids close to nature.

And what mom doesn’t want one more Ace in their hand?

And goats can bring joy and happiness to your digital space, a little bit of nature in the online world.

Your kids (and you) can learn all about goats through developing a relationship with an actual goat. It’s so much more fun to learn through relationships, instead of dry textbooks. They can see what their goat is doing and learn the why’s behind it.

Sounds amazing! What’s it Cost?

Adopt-A-Goat Builders Package           $5/month

⇒  Monthly updates via pictures and video

⇒  Goatly Greetings Newsletter with even more updates

⇒  Learn all about goats and homesteading

⇒  “Builders rate” guaranteed never to go up

Builders Package explained:

Right now you’ll get in at the lowest prices, and as we grow, you will stay at the founding price, but the regular price will increase as we add more to it.

Don’t wait to bring more nature into your child’s life. This will be a fun and simple way to show your child a different lifestyle, a new way to look at nature, a glimpse into the homesteading world and a curriculum–all in one place!

Keep scrolling to be introduced to our available goats.

Coming in the future…

Lesson plans

Divided up by age group, integrating math, science and writing

Barn web cams

You can see your goat whenever you wish!

Name that baby

You’ll get to name the baby of your goat!

So much more

You will always be in on the newest ideas coming up to make this the best program it can be!

Meet Our Girls

Say Hello to Daisy!

Daisy is our herd matriarch. That means she is the head honcho of all the goats. Everyone looks up to her and she is a gentle and quiet leader. She also is our only goat to have wattles. If you adopt her, you’ll find out what that means! Daisy won Grand Champion goat last year at the fair and she is our best milker. She had twins last year and one died, which made her very sad. She was an excellent mom to her other baby, though. Daisy is having babies again and will be our second goat to have them. Her favorite past times are laying in the sun, trying to escape and standing under the hay rack to get the most hay. She loves to eat! If you adopt Daisy, she will always give you something to love.

Say Hello to Holly!

Holly is the second in the pecking order of our does and she lets everyone know it! She loves to try to be on top, but can never quite hold that place. Her favorite past times are headbutting our herd matriarch, jumping around at feeding time so she gets caught in her leash and napping. Holly is our easiest goat to keep and never gives us any problems. She even had twins last year all by herself! She surprised us a week early with her little babes. This year, she will be our first goat to kid and we’re gong to watch her like a hawk! If you adopt Holly, she will always give you something to learn.

Say Hello to Violet!

Violet is the diva of the herd and our smallest, most feminine lady. She is very concerned about her space and food and will only eat if everything is exactly as it should be. She is one of the lowest on the pecking order, but she loves to sneak in a few bites of hay while everyone is tied for feeding time. She doesn’t play much, because she doesn’t want to ruffle her coat, but she does try to get a few headbutts in to Daisy from time to time. She was a great momma last year and a wonderful milker, but sadly, her little frame couldn’t take it. She put all of her energy and weight into the milk bucket and had nothing left for herself. She is having babies  again this year, but we are changing some things around to make sure she stays happy and healthy! Her favorite past times are eating as slow as she possibly can, keeping the other goats off her play structure (see the picture) and tricking us into thinking she’s going to milk nicely. If you adopt Violet, she will always give you something to be amazed at.

Say Hello to Poppy!

Poppy is the baby of our herd. She is Violet’s only baby and was born in 2020. She is also the only doe that was born on our farm last year. You will learn about why girls are more desirable than boys in the goat world. Since she was so special, we had to keep her! Poppy is a very determined little girl. She is too big for her britches sometimes and tries to challenge the older does. That never works out for her, but she keeps trying! Poppy loves people and gives us kisses ad wags her tail when we do chores. She loves to play and is always running around the pen.  If you adopt Poppy, she will always give you something laugh about.

Don’t want a girl goat? Meet Ebony!

Ebony is our resident boy goat! He is our buck and most friendly goat. You would think that he keeps the girls in line, but it’s the other way around! He is just too nice! He hangs out in the other barn, away from the girls, but they talk through the fence. If you’re interested in adopting Ebony, click on the button below and you’ll be getting to know him soon!

What’s Next?

Pick your goat

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Email is key

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If you choose not to adopt a goat at this time, that’s OK! We’ll be here when you’re ready!


Check back often, I am also continually upgrading this program.


Don’t forget the Builder’s Package won’t last for very long.


I appreciate you all so much!

Thank you for being here!