A Daughter’s Musings on Being Homeschooled in High School

For today’s podcast, I asked my daughter, Taylor, to join me.


Taylor is my second child and is 21 years old. She is a Vet Tech for a local veterinarian. She gradated from our homeschool in 2017 and went on to college after that.


I asked her to come on the podcast and talk to us about what is was like being homeschooled, especially in high school.


Some of the topics we tackle are:

  • Can you go to prom while being homeschooled?
  • What was is like being with your parents all day?
  • What about friends?
  • How was it going to college?


She talks about her perspective on these important topics and frequently asked questions.


Listen in as she educates us about homeschooling for high school.

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